Meet Our Team

Stephanie Hurst Orthodontics in Carlsbad, CA


  • Stephanie has been in orthodontics since 1971 when she began working for her own orthodontist before going to school to be a dental assistant.
  • She spent 15 years working as a chair-side assistant then had an orthodontic laboratory business for seven years.
  • Missing the interaction with patients and their families, Stephanie began working as our patient coordinator in 1994.
  • Stephanie grew up in Carlsbad and loves baseball, entertaining and traveling with her family and friends.
  • “The best part about having orthodontics be such a big part of my life is all the friendships I’ve made and seeing all the beautiful smiles we’ve created.”
Lona Hurst Orthodontics in Carlsbad, CA


  • Lona is Dr. Hurst’s Financial Coordinator.
  • She is new to Orthodontics, but has a background in the medical and administrative fields.
  • Lona holds bachelors’ degrees in biology and nursing.
  • She feels very fortunate to be part of Dr. Hurst’s team and is happy to take care of your accounts and insurance claims.
  • In her free time, Lona enjoys going to Disneyland, going to the movies or just hanging out at home with her husband and cat.
Maggie Hurst Orthodontics in Carlsbad, CA

Maggie, RDA, CDA

  • Maggie has enjoyed working in the orthodontic field for more than 30 years and brings much experience to our office.
  • She is a registered dental assistant and was an assistant for 16 years.
  • Maggie has been our Treatment Coordinator for the last 20 years.
  • Maggie is a native of San Diego and grew up in Bird Rock.
  • She loves reading, fishing, riding, picnics, scary movies and Halloween.
  • Maggie likes going to fairs and amusement parks.
Marcia Hurst Orthodontics in Carlsbad, CA

Marcia, RDA

  • Marcia is a registered dental assistant with 25 years of experience in the dental field with 20 years in orthodontics.
  • Marcia is our Clinical Supervisor and has been with our practice since 1999.
  • Marcia has been a Carlsbad resident since 1986.
  • She enjoys the beach, yoga and walking her dogs Allie and Ollie.
Mindy Hurst Orthodontics in Carlsbad, CA

Mindy, RDA

  • Mindy is a Registered Dental Assistant and has 17 years of experience working in orthodontics.
  • She may be a familiar face because she worked in our office when her adult daughters were children.
  • Mindy is also a Jazzercise instructor teaching Jazzercise classes in our community for 30 years.
  • She is a native Californian and very proud of it.
  • In her off time, she crochets scarves for a charity close to her heart, works out, and loves walking her black cocker spaniel, Jack.
  • She also loves cooking any recipe that includes bacon, having fun with her granddaughter Jayde and grandson Kaden and Alabama College Football. Roll Tide!!!
Lynsey Hurst Orthodontics in Carlsbad, CA

Lynsey, CDA

  • Lynsey started out as a patient of Dr. Hurst back in 2001.
  • She came back to work for us as a front office assistant during her senior year at Carlsbad High School in 2007.
  • She attended UEI Dental Assisting School and graduated in May 2010.
  • After she graduated she rejoined our team and has been here since.
  • Lynsey enjoys going to the lake and the desert, Disneyland, and watching football.
  • Most of all, she enjoys spending time with her family and dogs Bella, Butter, and Jelly.