“I am very glad we found Dr. Hurst and his team.  From the first day we walked into the office, we were welcomed with warm smiles.  Dr. Hurst looks and treats each patient as an individual and we are very pleased with ALL the progress on our son’s teeth.”



“I have been coming to Dr. Hurst’s office since 1998.  All three of my children have had their orthodontics work done here.  The team is incredible and always goes out of their way to accommodate scheduling.  It is a family office and it shows through in all the team.  I will always refer anyone I come across to Dr. Hurst.”
– Joelle H.



“This is the most pleasant and efficiently run office I’ve ever been to.  We never worry about appointments – even look forward to them!”
– Mona and Leah D.



“We have had a great experience at Dr. Hurst’s office.  The team is exceptionally friendly and kind.  Everything that Dr. Hurst told us on day one to expect is what happened.  If my other two children need braces, which is likely, we will be back.”
– Joanne R.



“Dr. Brent Hurst is really a wonderful orthodontist.  His kindness, patience and professionalism are what make the whole team work together so well. They are kind, considerate, detail oriented and most of them have been there forever which show that they work well together.

Dr. Hurst has put braces on me and my son, so he works well on both adults and kids.”
– Sylvia Y.